American Made Hand-Built Cremation Urn

What will best honor your loved one and preserve your own special memories?

About Your Loss

Dealing with the death of a loved one is always difficult. Add to that the many decisions you have to make and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Take a deep breath, and take your time. 

There are no “wrong” answers.

About Our Urns

Each of our urns is lovingly built by skilled Amish craftsmen using time tested techniques.  These are truly heirloom pieces.  

The Amish maintain a simple lifestyle, devoid of such modern innovations as electricity and telephones!  By purchasing one of our urns you help support these hard-working families and their simple way of life.  

Handcrafted with Love 

Cremation urns come in a variety of shapes and materials. Most are mass produced. Ours aren’t for everyone, but they just might be right for you! We offer a variety of custom-built urns using several species of wood with additional customized trim.

Rustic Metal Trim & Nametags 

Tastes and preferences are unique to the individual. That’s why there are different architectural styles, different types of food, and fashion.

Typically, families choose urns that reflect the life of the deceased. We offer materials and shapes that have stood the test of time: thoughtful designs that are rugged yet classic, both durable and beautiful. Weathered wood, for instance, displays a character that can only be achieved through time and hardship. We work with you to determine the perfect combination.


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If you have a question about any of our products, or have an idea for a custom urn you would like to discuss, please contact us.  We would love to hear from you.


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